5 Mind Health Benefits Of Quitting Drugs

5 Mind Health Benefits Of Quitting Drugs

Drug addiction is a problem that can mark the hardest times of your life. Being able to overcome such a disease is always a reason to look back with mixed feelings, but a positive outlook overall once you overcome. For years I abused all kinds of substances taking the risk of losing everything and everyone I cared about just to chase that high.

Things went south pretty quickly, as you might imagine. I hit rock bottom when I was put in jail on a year long sentence for drug charges. I understood at this point that it was time for me to get help. I did not know much about drug rehab programs or how they worked. All I knew is that I had a problem with addiction and that I needed to take care of it.

Rehabilitation is not about what or how you lost everything. It’s about getting it all back, including yourself and your mental health. Just like with physical exercise, you start to see changes in your mind after the routine or the workout is regular and involves discipline and dedication.

Here are 5 Mental Health Benefits from quitting drugs for good:

Better mood

Using drugs has a lot of effects in our brains. From releasing chemicals in our brains that make us feel euphoric, to inducing paranoia, anxiety, and depression.

Removing any last trace of drugs and not consuming ever again will clean your body of all those chemicals that were unbalancing your mental state. This also means that everything that regulates our moods or attitude in general will be completely under control as it should be. No mood swings or unexpected irritability will appear since there’s nothing forcing your brain to feel that way.

To the people closest to you it will be obvious that abusing drugs has changed your behavior. Thus making it difficult for them to approach you to help. They might not understand how to deal with your altered emotions or from the effects of the substance or from the the come down and/or withdrawal.

Mind control

Rehabilitation and meditation go hand in hand on many occasions. To meditate, and train your mind to regain control of everything, you don’t necessarily have to shave your head and start wearing colorful clothing for everybody to know you’re into meditation. It is all within.

With mindfulness, you become aware of everything outside and inside. This means that all of your emotions will be under control, and so will your thoughts or worries. Everything will be still there in our minds but to be examined and solved, not to take control.

You can meditate any way you want. From walking meditation to sitting in an empty room with a candle or simply listening to some relaxing music.

Better outlook

Drug abuse for long periods of time has a high probability of leading to an addiction. Once at that stage, it becomes extremely easy for the patient to fall into depression and despair, failing to see all the positive aspects life can still have.

Going through recovery you relearn how to appreciate things. How to leave behind the guilt and the shame while forgiving yourself.

The act of forgiving is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the program. It’s not just about forgiving everyone that hurt you, but more importantly forgiving yourself. Once we make peace with the past, you will be able to move on with life and start again with a whole different perspective.

Real happiness

Chasing a “high” is not the answer. Although getting high might trick you into thinking everything’s fine, once it’s gone it all comes back ten times harder. Leaving it all behind means your mind will have time to heal back from all the abuse and will also give you the chance to be really happy again.

Leaving drugs means you won’t have problems with driving people away or lying to them all the time. It will help you reconnect with everyone you love and it will open all kinds of doors that lead to amazing opportunities.

Better mind means better body

A healthier mind is capable of making conscious and responsible decisions. This means, our train of thought won’t be focused on chasing a high. Instead, it will be more focused on chasing your goals, creating new dreams, and spending time with loved ones.

With all drug related problems out of the way, once the mind is healthy and fit again, it becomes only logical that the next steps are to improve your life in all aspects.

The body cannot work fine without the mind. Learning how to improve our mental health is of extreme importance regardless of whether we or someone we love is dealing with substance abuse. A trained mind will be able to see through the walls of lies and deceit that being an addict brings along. It will open your eyes to a whole new world where everything is possible and where there’s no need to depend on chemically induced feelings that will only distract us from reality.

If you’d like to ask a question or suggest any other mental health benefits that come out of quitting drugs, leave a comment below.

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