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5 Habits to Keep the Mind Healthy

5 Habits to Keep the Mind Healthy

 Mental health is one the growing concerns in the modern society. With the stress and pressure of living a more demanding life, our mental healthy slowly deteriorates. Luckily, there are many ways of maintaining a healthy mind. The first Director-General of WHO, Dr. Brock Chisholm, says that without mental health, there can be no true physical health.

Keeping a healthy mind is as important as keeping a healthy body. It requires the habit of doing. Here some tips that could help you keep your mind healthy:

  1. Exercise

Exercise does not only help your body physically, but it also helps in the production of hormones that makes you feel better. These hormones are called endorphins and serotonin. Exercise also helps in better blood flow. It helps in transporting oxygen to the body and the brain.

To maximize the effects of exercise, it is recommended to do it at least 30 minutes every week. You can cut this down into 10-minute daily exercises. Going to the gym is one option. However, engaging in yoga and weight training at home also works.

  1. Diet

The right foods can keep your brain healthy. According to some studies, eating fruits daily can lower the possibility of mental health problems. Eat more complex sugars like whole wheat, nuts, and beans. Having a good diet will help your body produce more energy while balancing your hormone levels.

  1. Meditation

According to a recent study in Harvard, they found out that mindfulness can help people with anxiety. It can also help in dealing with depression and pain. Mindfulness meditation is easily practiced. The steps include sitting comfortably in a chair, centering your focus on your breathing, and letting your thoughts flow naturally. The results may vary from day to day. Some days, you’ll have much lingering thought. But with daily practice, it will help you battle overthinking.

  1. Talk to your Doctor

With the increased media exposure to mental health, more and more people put serious thought on it. If you’re feeling really down, it’s better to consult a professional about your emotional and mental health state. They will be able to help you pinpoint the problem. They can also address and give solutions to help you cope with everyday life. You could contact AskACoach for a Free Session and talk to a professional coach or certified therapist.

  1. Scheduling your day

Planning your day will help a lot with anxiety. It can ease the mind of thinking what to do next or forgetting something really important. This can help keep stress to a minimum. Just remember that your plans are not strict schedules. They should only serve as a guide to your day and not your predestined life plan. Otherwise, failure to follow the plan will just bring more stress. Make sure not to overbook yourself. Make time for relaxation and time for yourself. Remember, self-care is also important.


Mental health covers your social, psychological, and emotional well-being. It is essential that you take care of it. … Read More

World Health Square

World Health Square

global healthThe Johns Hopkins World Girls’s Well being Fellowship Program is a two-year postgraduate coaching program addressing essential ladies’s well being points and sustainable health options in low and center earnings nations. Our college students have entered a range of career paths, including doctoral programmes, lecturer and analysis positions, coverage and advisory positions in addition to practitioner posts in world health. By means of quite a lot of modules, this course analyzes, vulnerable groups, humanitarian operations, natural disasters, and international security.

The 2007 World Well being Report 1 notes that, because the Seventies, newly rising ailments have been recognized on the unprecedented rate of a number of per year.” The Institute of Medicine’s 2003 report Microbial Threats to Well being 2 stresses that the United States should improve the global capability for responding to infectious illness threats and will take a management position in selling a complete, international, real-time infectious illness surveillance system.

They study interventions and innovation methods that search to handle this burden and learn how to use extra advanced quantitative evaluation strategies. In the first yr of the programme, courses will give attention to the study of advanced international well being issues in high- and low-earnings countries.

Graduates of this programme will have the skills to work as international health practitioners, policy makers, consultants or researchers within worldwide well being and development agencies. Global well being researchers need inter- and transdisciplinary approaches as a way to study and unravel complex well being problems.

As the world and its economies develop into increasingly globalized, including in depth worldwide journey and commerce, it is necessary to think about health in a worldwide context. World well being researchers additionally must bring these completely different stakeholders together to set out cohesive and strategic motion to unravel these problems. With the world’s population turning into increasingly interdependent, there may be need for a imaginative and prescient on health that spans the globe and promotes shared duty. Our graduates may have a sound understanding of the global burden of illness, the complex determinants of health and unwell-well being in a globalised world and of the potential administration strategies at completely different ranges. The Research Master’s in World Well being is a singular programme that opens up a world of prospects.… Read More



global healthInternational well being is the interdisciplinary strategy to learning the health of populations across the world, no matter nationwide or political boundaries. Has thorough data of public health disciplines together with epidemiology, demographics, ethics and priority setting, well being economics, well being policy, health anthropology, and medical- and scientific analysis. It focuses on the impact of world health threats corresponding to HIV/AIDS, avian flu, tuberculosis, and malaria on a variety of worldwide establishments. Improving world well being can enhance health in the United States and help nationwide and global security pursuits by fostering political stability, diplomacy, and economic progress worldwide. You have to first apply for admission to the MSc in International Health course by way of our online utility process (see ‘apply here’ section). In 2014, the Obama Administration launched the International Health Safety Agenda to accelerate progress toward a world protected and safe from infectious disease threats.

International well being analysis, where college students are requested to independently design an accepted research challenge on global well being below the supervision of Center for Global Well being school. WHO, by way of the 2005 IHR , proposes new steering and promotes cooperation between developed and creating nations on emerging well being issues of global significance. Primary health care is the primary level of entry to well being look after most people, notably for folks in low-earnings international locations. You should have the opportunity to discover the most recent theories and state-of-the-artwork methods and analysis strategies in the area of world well being, spanning a range of disciplines and encompassing a methods-primarily based perspective.

In India, we now have several ongoing analysis tasks on specific psychological well being problems and on the supply of psychological well being services at facility and group ranges. The United States cooperates with different nations to deal with precedence public well being points and prepare for and reply to rising and pandemic illnesses. The primary thematic areas of research are: maternal and baby well being; vitamin; communicable ailments, non-communicable diseases and oral sciences. Earlier graduates have gone into a range of careers, including working for national and international NGOs and Public Well being England (PHE). Worldwide scholar Marta Fernandez-Arias worked as a pharmacist before starting her MSc in International Health at BSMS.

They find out about interventions and innovation methods that search to address this burden and learn how to use extra advanced quantitative analysis methods. In the first year of the programme, courses will concentrate on the study of complex global health problems in high- and low-income countries.

Commonplace well being measures of life expectancy and chronic disease, including depression among adults, could be compared to other Group for Financial and Co-operation and Growth (OECD) member countries. The internship allows students to follow actual scientific analysis in the area of worldwide well being. This Analysis Grasp’s in International Health on the VU Amsterdam is unique in that it equips college students to investigate advanced well being issues, using inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to analysis.… Read More

The World Well being Blog

The World Well being Blog

global healthOn Thursday, 23rd April 2015, a special studying occasion, hosted by the Centre for Global Health, Trinity School Dublin, was held in partnership with the Dóchas HIV and AIDS, Humanitarian Aid Working Teams, and the Centre for International Health. They encourage nations to work collectively to share information about identified illnesses and public health events of international concern. They work year-spherical to fight well being disparities at dwelling and overseas by serving on our medical groups, raising assist for our associate organizations, and interesting their native communities in the movement for health fairness.

Federal projections for future jobs are produced by authorities statisticians and analysts for a decade at a time, comparable to 2004-2014 and 2006-2016, and there may be some time overlap as well as differences in job projections that arise with the emergence of latest industries and new occupations.

By means of interdisciplinary collaboration it gives research coaching in epidemiology, medical and group trials, qualitative research, medical ethics, health economics, medical anthropology and biomedical sciences. These physicians, nurses, and pharmacists additionally empower our student volunteers by engaging in necessary conversations about world well being and careers in medication. Sign up to get a biweekly e-newsletter of curated global well being information, events and announcements delivered to your inbox. Tasks in India, Uganda and Ghana discover the position and performance of community health workers and using mobile expertise in primary health care. By submitting this way, you might be granting: Consortium of Universities for World Health, 1608 Rhode Island Ave.

As a graduate in International Well being your competences will allow you to work with the many interrelated determinants impacting human international well being and disease – ranging on a scale from particular person to society. In ‘Ethics in Global Well being Research’, college students analyse ethical dilemmas, and be taught to understand completely different value programs. The Research Grasp Global Health on the VU Amsterdam is unique in that it allows college students to bear two internships during the two year programme.

Students are being certified to establish and critically analyse key factors shaping the health and properly-being of populations in low and center-income countries and to formulate effective and applicable responses to advanced well being associated points.… Read More

How Will I Know if Counselling is Actually Working?

How Will I Know if Counselling is Actually Working?

We have all seen those images of someone talking on and on to a therapist and the therapist usually saying very little. “Mmm hmmm.” “Tell me more about that.” Or, cringe, “How does that make you feel?”

Because of these images, counselling Calgary  has often gotten a bad rap. It’s a great place to poke fun, but who really wants to spend their money on that? And, how is there any chance in hoping that could be effective? I don’t think if I just talked and talked and someone gave me a lot of mhmms, that would really work for me. Do you?

Whether you choose to see a Certified Counsellor, Registered Psychologist or Registered Social Worker for a counselling appointment, the goal should be the same. To help you to move toward your goals. It shouldn’t be rent-a-best-friend for an hour. The therapist should have at least a Masters level education, and most have several years experience doing an Internship and/or Residency before they start working with you. At this professional level, they have training and are grounded in at least one framework, examples of which include: CBT, Rogerian, Solution-Focused Therapy or Psychodynamic Theory, and this theory is what informs their work. Usually most therapists will say that they’re eclectic, which means they pull from multiple theoretical frameworks, based upon client needs. That said, it helps if they are anchored in at least one or two main theories. They should know those well so that they can conceptualize your case effectively, and then use the tools their framework suggests in order to help you go the direction you want to go.

Once you begin working them, it will become evident that therapy is a process. It’s work for both parties, and it’s definitely not just the simple client mostly talking/therapist mostly listening model we’ve seen on TV.  That said, even with all of this work on both parts, there still may not be significant changes at first. In fact, sometimes people say ‘it gets worse before it gets better’. What does that mean? Well, it means that you may have to bring up uncomfortable topics, you may have to feel feelings you’ve been avoiding and you may have to deal with relationships in your life that aren’t working, and all of this can be disruptive and upsetting, and sometimes clients will feel that therapy isn’t working at all.

So, if that happens and doubt sinks in, how do you know if therapy is actually working or not? Even if you can’t see the outcomes as soon as you were hoping, is it worth it to stick with it?  Here are 3 checkpoints to help to see if your therapy is effective.

  1. Are you making progress on your goals? 

    It’s very helpful if you have goals in mind when you first start therapy. Usually within the first session or two I ask clients something like, What needs to happen in counselling to make you say “I’m so glad I

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