Deciding the best online therapist – Vital essentials to keep in mind

Deciding the best online therapist – Vital essentials to keep in mind

Thanks to the advancement of technology, now you can get instant access to an online therapist either with the tap of an app or click of a mouse. In fact, there are many tools nowadays which claim to take psychotherapy out of the office of the therapist into whichever location you’re residing, through the connection of the internet. Before you log in and start chatting with your online therapist, you should educate yourself on the e-counseling guide to therapy so that you may compare and contrast services of online therapists before settling down with one.

Isn’t it nice when you think of staying in your pyjamas and doing your online therapy session? Online therapy allows clients to seek a wider choice in schedules and therapists, thereby making therapy easier than ever.

#1: Does being online have an impact on the quality of therapy?

There are definitely few effects on online therapy but most of them are positive. The clients can be truly themselves when they speak to their therapist online. If they visited the therapists personally, they would put on some extra manners which would bar the therapist to check out their real self. Therapists even find better body language in online visits than in conventional office visits.

#2: Will online therapy be covered by insurance?

There are increasingly large numbers of states which need insurance policies to cover online therapy and this is in fact great news for the clients. You need to find out whether or not the therapist you’re hiring will assist you with your insurance claims. Ultimately, you wouldn’t want to be dealing with the stress of insurance claims when you’re already in a bad mental state.

#3: What credentials should you watch out for in an online therapist?

Professionalism and credentials are extremely vital when you’re about to get an online therapy experience. Don’t judge them by seeing the number of letters they post after their name as most of them might be too easy to get. Just check whether or not the title of the person is regulated and authorized by the state licensing board. Or you can even ask him whether or not his license is regulated by the state. A reputable and trustworthy therapist will welcome such questions and a non-reputable one will avoid answering them.

Does he appear to be professional and comfortable? Do you feel at peace when you’re speaking to him online? Is he friendly and compassionate with you? Is the person dressed properly and is he showing his face directly and clearly? These are few other factors that you need to take into account if you’re taking resort to some online therapist for treating your mental problems.


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