Four Benefits of Digital X-Ray Exams

Four Benefits of Digital X-Ray Exams

There was once a time when your physician ordered a standard X-ray with film and radiation to identify a medical condition. However, the medical industry has changed over the years. Physicians are now ordering a digital X-ray instead of a standard X-ray. There are many patients and physicians who feel this is an improvement in the way medical procedures are done.

Here are four advantages of digital X-ray imaging exams.

Less Radiation

There is a chance you are worried about the radiation exposure of a standard X-ray. A digital X-ray uses sensors that are more responsive than film, so they do not need as much radiation to produce the images. The digital sensors reduce exposure to radiation by at least 75 percent. If you need a digital X-ray, you can rest assured that you are not going to be exposed to a high dose of radiation.


High-Quality Images

A digital X-ray produces high-quality images of your body, and your technician manipulates the images to view the problem area. They can brighten, darken and enlarge images right on the spot. Your doctor is able to view the images clearly and make an accurate diagnosis. You do not have to worry about going through a second X-ray because of an inaccurate reading.


Saves Time

Images are produced quicker on a digital X-ray than a standard X-ray. The images are stored on a computer for your physician to view immediately. It decreases your time in the office and allows your physician to diagnose your condition in the same day. You do not have to sit around waiting for a phone call with your X-ray results.


Eco-Friendly Procedure

The images on a standard X-ray are developed using chemicals that are not good for the environment. If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you may not be thrilled with the pollution caused by the chemicals. A digital X-ray allows you to stick to your green lifestyle because the images do not require developing.

If your physician orders a digital X-ray, you can rest assured that you are going through a safe, eco-friendly procedure with quick results.

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